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Giuliano House Groundbreaking

On April 23rd, the Department for Persons with Disabilities hosted a groundbreaking ceremony at the site of our new group home, in Jefferson Township New Jersey.

The house is named after Dr. Joseph Giuliano who has been the longest tenured board member of the DPD. He started as the residents' dentist about 35 years ago. At that time it was difficult to find someone who had been trained in special needs methods. Part of his pediatric training included preparing him to serve people with special needs. He has never turned any of the people who we serve away regardless of their financial or insurance situation and has always given them time and has treated them with dignity.

At this time, over 8,000 other people in N.J. are on a waiting list hoping to be placed in a residential program like the Giuliano House. Giuliano House will open in the fall of 2015 and will serve four people with intellectual and developmental disabilities currently living in developmental centers. This new program was made possible through the state of New Jersey's Olmstead Initiative:

For information on how you can help the individuals who will live at Giuliano House visit or to join with our brother Knights of Columbus and help furnish the home visit