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NJACP Honors DPD's Lynne Rockstroh

The New Jersey Association of Community Providers (NJACP) selected Lynne Rockstroh as the recipient of the distinguished "2015 Leadership Award." At a recent dinner of statewide providers of services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Lynne was recognized for her years of service to the DPD and to the most vulnerable among us.

The New Jersey Association of Community Providers (NJACP) is an organization designed to assist member agencies as they provide quality supports and services for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. NJACP advocates for a high standard of practice and professional competence in the human services field and among community providers. Working with legislators and state officials, NJACP promotes government policy that progressively addresses the issues pertinent to its membership. Together, NJACP agencies are revolutionizing the human services industry and furthering our cause throughout the entire system-from public policy to individual lives.

Lynne Rockstroh has worked for the Department for Persons with Disabilities (DPD), a Catholic Charities Agency in the Diocese of Paterson, for 28 years. First as a sub in 1987, then as Associate Director of Basile Supervised Apts. in 1991 and she became Director of Finnegan House group home in 1997, where she has remained for the last 18 years.

Lynne is the Director of an extremely active home with 8 residents. The individuals in the home present with their fair share of both behavioral challenges and medical needs. Lynne has been a constant, calming force in the home no matter what has happened. They have experienced the death of residents, staff and family members and, through it all, Lynne has been a strong leader, knowing just how to be there for the residents and staff. She has built an extremely cohesive staff team, who look forward to coming to work to provide a very high level of service to the individuals in the home. There is nothing Lynne would ask a staff to do that she would not do herself.

One of her coworker's noted, "It is refreshing to have Lynne as our Director. She has brought with her a whole new perspective on how we could effectively run our home. I believe that her past experience allowed her to introduce a new and innovative set of skills to the Residential Counselors. Because of this, our residents have been able to grow in ways I didn't think were possible. I remember her telling me that with a little bit of patience and some ingenuity anything is possible. She was right and with that little piece of advice we were able to teach one of our residents how to read, a few of the residents lost significant amounts of weight, a resident even quit smoking after 35 yrs."

All of us are extremely proud to see Lynne honored with an NJACP Leadership Award! She is an incredible part of our ministry at DPD. All the residents and staff whom she has supported over the years are blessed by her presence!
Congratulations, Lynne!