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Wiegand Farm Welcomes 2 New Residents

We operate 4 group homes in Jefferson Township: Alexander House, Columbus House, Finnegan House and Giuliano House and serve over 20 people in these programs.

Last week, we welcomed 2 new residents; but on this occasion it was not people, it was 2 new baby calves!

"We own a large lot of land here in Jefferson ('Wiegand Farm'), along Weldon Road, and have been part of this great community for over 45 years. Decades ago, Jefferson was more rural than it is today, and there were a greater number of farms throughout town. We always have had a farm, with animals, here on our property that our individuals can visit and help tend to. It makes us unique and is therapeutic for the people we serve," said Scott Milliken, DPD Executive Director.

The calves are both 5 months old. Torro, is a ½ Jersey and ½ Herford breed and Jersey is a pure bred Jersey. They are meant for pasture and though they graze on DPD's land, they are owned by the neighboring Headley Family.

The Headley's have had animals for over 30 years at Wiegand Farm and Ernie Headley is a lifetime farmer. "I love animals and I am happy that Torro and Jersey have a wonderful loving home at DPD," Ernie said.

"I love animals and am happy to have the cows here at DPD," said John who lives at Alexander House.