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Support Coordination Spotlight

DPD's Support Coordination Program now serves over 50 people in Sussex County.

Our Support Coordination Team has allowed us to expand our services and help more people in need.

The Support Coordination program began in September of 2013, and we received our first referral in November of that year. This program assists people in Sussex County who are eligible for services through the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).

There are currently 54 active participants. Throughout the past year, DPD has hired two new support coordinators, bringing their team to four. This program continues to flourish and grow!

Too often, when a person with intellectual or developmental disabilities graduates from school, they or their parent/guardian may not know where to turn next. DPD’s Support Coordinators help individuals plan their lives and achieve their goals.

A person's Support Coordinator is their link to services available in the community. The coordinator will assist each person to define their hopes and dreams and develop an Individualized Service Plan (NJISP). They will be in regular contact with each participant to monitor the quality and delivery of services.

Zachary is one of the individuals who are served by DPD’s Support Coordination program. Zachary began attending a day program with DPD’s assistance following his graduation. DPD helped him connect and make a smooth transition.

Sadly, in December, Zachary's mother became gravely ill and his sister began to care for him full time. DPD was able to request a temporary living arrangement for him in a group home. At first, his sister was fearful of allowing him to live outside of the family home. Within the next few weeks, she excitedly shared that he had become less anxious, was getting in better physical condition, and had become more active in the community.

She was thrilled that he was adjusting so well and was grateful that a solution was found that was favorable for him.

DPD looks forward to helping more people like Zachary in the future. For more information about DPD’s Support Coordination program please call 973-935-0887 or visit